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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Emulex Controller Card Update

Emulex controller Error after Firmware Upgrade

Emulex is a controller which combines the hardware based high performance data depth component and a standard based embedded processor, converge networking and storage I/O connection on Ethernet fabric.During the firmware upgrade activity when you reboot the server it may show an Emulex error.

Image result for Emulex controller

The main impact of this Emulex error is that user can not login to server through putty but we can login to the server from ILO console. Because the application need to login from putty session so we need to resolve this issue.A simple solution of this error is that we can update the controller after the firmware upgrade for which we need to mount an iso image of the emulex controller which is easily available on internet.To get this image write legacy one connect flash.iso image on google and you may get this image. Once the image is downloaded mount this in the ILO console of the server and reset the server then follow the below steps
1.Press F11 for boot menu.
2.Press 1 to boot from image mounted. the image is booted it will ask for the the continue as in image below. Type y here

4. Once you prees y it will show percent completed as in image above.
5. Once the % is 100% it will come to # prompt
6. Type reboot and wait till the server comes up.

This is all to resolve the emulex error.


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