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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Firmware Update of HP Blade Servers

How to Update the Firmaware in HP Prolient 460c Blade Servers

Everyday the science is inventing new technologies and to work in the IT word we must be aware with the new tools and technologies. Every day new patches are getting generated by the experts, new software's are getting populated by the Engineers. As we know today is the world of IT so the updation in the technology in a obvious thing. To flow with these technologies we must be updated in all the fields we are working with.  We also know that big organisations are having crucial information for there applications so they need to keep data very secure and for this security reason they use Data Center's to keep the data alive if even system got crashed. There are a lot of companies with provide these security essentials by providing the support of servers and storage. These organisations support Linux, Unix, Windows, Centos etc OS on these servers to operate with. These servers have their own configuration of hardware(CPU, Memory etc), software , firmware, Emulex card etc. These configuration depends on the requirements of the customer using these serves. In this blog we will go though the steps of firmware update in HP Blade serves. The need of the firmware upgrade is to faster access of the server through ILO to get the console of the server. This is simple but a risky task to do on production servers. Basically it takes 45 minutes to update the firmware of the server but if you got the Emulex error then it may take around 80 minutes to get updated because in that case we need to update the Emulex card also. The steps to update the firmware is as follows:

1. We need a ISO image of the updated firmware version which can be provided by the Support team.Once you get the image follow the below steps

2. Login to the ILO of the server and click on the ilo to get the previous version or installed version of the firmware on your server .

As the version of my server was as above

Get the remote console of the server.

3. Mount the ISO image in the virtual devices of the server.

4. Reset the server.

5 . Press F11 for boot menu

6.Once the boot menu displays press 1 to boot from image mounted.

7.Now it will show 2 option to update the firmware

*automatic update
*interactive update

select the automatic mode and press enter

Now the update manager will analyze your server for a moment.

8. Now the update manager will start the Inventory and will look like the image below

After the completion of Step 1 and Step 2 it will automatic move to Step 3 for the deployment and will show a screen like

Once the deployment is complete the server will reboot automatically and wait till it comes up.

Once the server is up you can check the firmware is update as in my case it was like;

This is all done with the firmware update in Blade server.


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