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Monday, 30 May 2016

How to Remove Stuck Tapes From Tape Library

Remove Stuck Tapes from Drive

In this Blog we will discuss about how to remove the stuck tapes in the tape library. Here we are taking an example of the MSL 9600 which contains LTO Ultrium 5 tapes. Sometimes during the backup we can see that the drive is stuck on a mount request or the tape slot is showing blank or empty slot, in this case we need to reinsert the tapes to the slots. If a drive request for a mount point and it did not receive any tape for backup then the backup will fail. There are two ways to check the drive using which tape slot. The first one is web interface, to get this information login to the GUI interface of the tape library and click on the operation tag will show you the tape number which the drive is using. The second method to get this information is from command line. At the command prompt use command

c:/> uma -ioctal Changer0:0:7:1


The uma -ioctl will take you to the changer prompt as shown above;

This changer is the robotic path of the tape library which handle all the backups and manage the I/O operation of backup. To get this path login to the DP tool> go to Device and Media> go to Devices >click on robotic option will show the changer in right side as shown in image below.

Now to check the tapes currently in use use command

Changer:0:0:7:1> stat d will show output like

To remove any tape from drive which you think is stuck use the below command
Changer0:0:7:1> move d1 s47
Here we are taking an example of removing s47 from drive 1
Then press enter will show the output as 
1 D1 empty  """ """ """

It means that you have removed the stuck tape from the drive.


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