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Friday, 27 May 2016

How to reset poor media pool in Data Protector

How to clean Poor Media Pool in Data Protector

Data  protector is a tool by HP which is used for to take the backups of the hosts configured in the tool. This backup is taken on the tape drives which is defined in the media pool of the DP tool. After taking number of backups sometimes the pool show red color on the tapes which need to be clean for further backups. A simple process to clean those tapes are from command line. A pictorial view of the poor media tape is shown in image below.

 Here the red tape shown is poor in quality and may show error during the backup so we need to clean this from command line. For this some steps need to be follow are given below:

1. Run the cmd on system and open the cmd prompt

2. On command prompt
      #omnimm -reset_poor_medium mediumid

3. To get the mediumid got to that medium >right click>go to properties
it will show the medium id.

4. Copy the medium id and paste it in command.

5. Press enter.

6. Reconnect the DP tool.

The medium has been reset to good quality.


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