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Monday, 23 May 2016

Image Level Backup of a Linux Server on External Drive Using Ghost Image

Image Level Backup Of Linux Server on external drive Using Ghost Image

Sometime we need to take the image level backup of our server if we want to upgrade the OS or any H/W in our servers because the technology is changing very frequently now a days. So to get update with the time is good for future safety of the activity if something goes wrong during the activity. The benefit of the image level backup of a Linux/Unix server is that we can restore with the previous version of our server if required. There are a number of tolls are available in the market to take system backup. I am using the ghost image which is an ISO image to take the backup of one of our Linux server. An ISO Image to take the backup is available on link.To start with the ISO Image we first need to know the actual size of the physical disk of our Linux Server because the image will take the backup of physical disk block-wise. The time for the backup depends on the size of our disk. To check the size of the physical disk we can use a command by entering the putty with the required credentials of the server. When we reach at the command prompt using  #fdisk -l will give us the output of all the disks mounted on server. As we are going to take this backup on an external disk so the size of this external disk must be greater than the size of the disk located on physical server so that the backup should not crashed during the activity. So let's start with the activity

Image Level Backup Of Linux Server

A. We need to identify the server first to plug-in the external disk.

1.  Open ILO(Integrated Light Outs) which is a web GUI  of the server >go to device bays>click on the server you want to backed up>click on ilo>click on web administrator

2. On the Right-bottom of the system there will be an option for UID which is currently OFF >click on this UID and make it ON. This blink UID will help us to identify the server in our Data Center.

3. Plug-in the disk into that server in Data Center.

B.Open the remote console.

1. On the web administration page there is another link for remote console click on that, a page will pop up which is the console of the server.

2. Go to the virtual devices mount the image in image file cd/dvd-rom option.

3. Go to the Power Switch Option and restart the server.

4. Press f11 to boot the image and the press 1 when option displays on screen

C. Backup Steps.

1. After pressing the 1 it will boot from image mounted and the image will display a page with multiple options

Click on option K it will read kernel logs let it be finish
Next screen will show the agreement and the terms and conditions press enter and then it will check for the bonding of the server once it complete a new page will open.

Write g41 and press enter

Select language>press enter

Select raw mode >press enter

Select Local Use>press enter

Now a new page with multiple option will open

Go to option B and give the file name for the image level backup

Go to option D Select the .gzip compression and press enter

Go to option A and select the external drive name from the drive options

Go to option P to choose and select the sub directory path in external disk(optional)

Go to option E and select the physical disk name of your server.  Press enter will ask for the confirmation then press enter again and your image level backup is start

Because it will backup the data block wise so it is a long activity..Once the backup is completed reset the server again but unmount the image from virtual devices. Once the server is up You can check in the external disk path whether the backup is successful or not.



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