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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Linux User Add Basics

 How to add user in Linux

Some basic commands to add user in Linux are as given below:

1. To add a user type

# useradd user1

user1 is the username

2. To add password for user1

# passwd user1
new password:&&&&
reenter password :&&&&

Password set successfully

3.To check the user added
# cat /etc/passwd

will show

username: password: UID: PID: User info: Home directory: Shell

4. How to create a user with different home directory

# useradd -d username

to check
#cat /etc/passwd  | grep username will show the details

5.How to create a user with specific UID

# useradd -u 999 username

6. How to add user with specific GID

# useradd -g 500 username

7.How to add a user to different groups

# useradd -G group1 group2 group3

8. How to add a user without home directory

# useradd -M username

9.How to add a user with comments

# useradd -c "comments" username

10. How to change the user shell

# useradd -s shellname username

11. To set the new default value for user

# useradd -D

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