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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Remove node from VCS Cluster

Remove node from VCS Cluster

Let us suppose we have two cluster nodes configured in the VCS cluster and we need to remove one node from the vcs cluster so that if we are planning to do some activity on this node should not impact on the services running on the another cluster node. Here we can take an example of two nodes node01 and node02 which are in VCS cluster and the services running on these two nodes are SG01 and SG02.

Node Name                              Service Group                          

Node01                                      SG01
Node02                                      SG02

Now we want to remove node02 from vcs then we need to follow the below steps on node02.

1.Freeze node and halt VCS

# haconf -makerw

# haconf -freeze -persistent node02

# haconf -dump

# haconf -sys  node02 -evacuate

2. Stop I/O fencing and Stop LLT/GAB modules

# /sbin/vxfen -shutdown

# vxfenadm -d -----to check the status

# gabconfig -U

#lltconfig -U

Now run the below commands on node01

3. Modify the AutostartList and SyatemList

# hagrp -modify -SG01 AutostartList -delete node02

# hagrp -modify -SG01 SyatemList -delete node02

4. Remove node from cluster services SG

# hagrp -modify ClusterService AutoStartList -delete node02

5. Remove node from Cluster

# hasys -delete train10

# haconf -dump -makero

Now if you will check with the hastatus command the node has been removed from the cluster and safe to perform any activity.


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