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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

sosreport of Linux Server

 How to make sosreport of Linux Server

Sosreport is  command in RHEL which collect the information about the configuration and diagnostic  of the Linux server like Kernel version, Loaded modules and the configuration files of the system. This report is required sometimes when we do log a support case with the server support team and they may ask a system admin to share sosreport of the server to analyse the configuration of the server and to provide better solution for the issue raised in the server. The report stored is in different compressed versions. We can send this report via mail or also we can share this information on the ftp server of the support team. If the report is big in size and we want to avoid login again and again to the ftp then we can generate a report with the --batch option and the sosreport command has a modular structure and allows the user to enable and disable modules and specify module options via the command line. A simple command to create a sosreport with batch module is

# sosreport --batch

Another simple command to generate the sosreport is


This command ask for some option which you can see the image below and the file with get stored in the /tmp of the server. To share this sosreport  attach the file from /tmp and share this with the support team.


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