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Monday, 6 June 2016

Data Protector New Backup

How to Start a new Backup In Data Protector

I am using the DP tool to take the backup of SAN , File system and DB of all the application running in my Data Center. As per the requirement we need to configure new backup in the tool and make the entry in host file. So Some simple steps need to follow are as below:

1)Login to the Data Protector

2) Go to the Backups option, it will show 2 options here 


3) Right click on the type of backup you want to take.

4) Click on add backup.

5)Choose the Blank file system as shown in figure:

6) Select the Hostname

7) Select the Drive

8) Right click on drive > go to properties> select the Media Pool> select the preferred multipath host

9) Schedule backup as per your convenient time.

10) Save Backup  by any name 

11) Start backup


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