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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Data Protector Slot is Blank or Empty

Data Protector Slot is Blank or Empty

In DP tool which is a invention of HP is used to take the backup of the hosts configured in that tool or of the Storage LUN assign to the hosts. The time duration for the completion of the host backup depends on the size of the file system and DB of the host. In DP tool the backup medium is tapes in the library. When a drive is assigned to a backup is take the tape from the allocated slotand start the backup once the backup is done it release the tape to specific slot but sometimes the slot may show empty or blank when is assigned for the backupeven after it is having the tape is slot.If this condition occurs during the backup then the drive will stuck at the mount request error and the backup will failed, it will also fail all the backups assigned to that drive because it is already stucked at mount request at any slot. The solution for this is to fromat the slot and make the slot filled with tape. Some of the steps for that are given below:

1. Login to the DP

2. Go to Devices and then click on slot option in that as shown in figure:

It will show the small description of all the slots as in my case showing Blank at slot 68.

3. Go to the slot , right click on that and click on format.

4. Select the drive for this operation , click next

5. Select the default LTO , click next

6.Click on the automatically generate option, click next

7. Click on force option and Finish 

8. Once the formatting is done go back to the slots description and it will show the tape in that slot.


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