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Monday, 13 June 2016

Hard Boot of a HP Blade Server

How to Hard boot a HP blade server from ILO

ILO of a server allow us to take the remote console of the server where we can execute all the commands by using its terminal. In some cases we need to reboot the server to make some changes to be run after reboot of the server, but sometimes it also happens that server does not come up after reboot and stop the response in any manner and become hang. At this stage we can not troubleshoot the os related issue as we will not be able to take the console of the server.The only thing we can do at this stage is to make the hard boot of the server which is faciliated in the HP Blade servers. To make a hard boot of the server follow the below steps.

1) Login to the ILO

2) Go to device bays option

3) Click on the server name you want to hard boot

4) Go to ILO of the server.

5) Click on the Web Administrator as shown in figure:

6) Click on the Power Management and then on the server power will show the option as shown in figure:

7) Now to make a hard boot click on the press & hold button. It will ask for the confirmation click ok

8) By clicking ok server will power off and will show amber light in the ILO.

9)After a few seconds press the momentry press button will make the server power on then wait for the server to come up and then you will get the console.


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