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Monday, 6 June 2016

How to capture Logs from CV EVA


To capture logs and share them with the support team follow the below steps.

If CV EVA is < 9.X
       0.   Click on the EVA Name
       1.   Right side click on the “View Events”
       2.   Click on “Controller Event Logs”
       3.   Click on “Get Log File”
       4.   Save the output and forward to solution center.
       5.   Collect controller configuration dump .

If CV EVA is 9.x
       0. Login to CV EVA              


 1. Top - Right corner - click on "server options"
       2. Select "Capture System Information"
       3. Select "Controller Configuration Dump", "Controller Events" and "Controller Termination Events".
       4. Select the "Capture selected information"
       5. Forward the .zip file to solution center.

If CV EVA is 10
       0.     Click on Settings
       1.     Management Options
       2.     Capture system Information
       3.     Click on "Controller Configuration Dump"
       4.     Click on “Controller Event Logs”
       5.     click on “Controller Termination Logs”
       6.     Capture Selected Information



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