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Monday, 20 June 2016

How to Create Pool in Data Protector

Steps to create a new Media pool in the Data Protector

1. login to the DP

2. Go to device and media option

3. Go to media option .

4. Go to pool.

5. Right click on the pool and click on add media pool

6. Enter the name of new pool.

7. By clicking next finish this process

Now you can see the name of the pool you have created in the media pool. The next step is to assign some tapes to this pool so that we can select this pool also during the backup configuration. To transfer the media to this pool .

8. Go to the pool from where you want to move media to this pool, right click on the media and go to move to pool

9. select the pool name you want the media to move.

So the media pool has been created you can start backups on this pool.


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