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Monday, 6 June 2016

How to Identify Disk Failure in Storage

SAN Storage Disk Failure

In most of the Data Centers we use Storage configured with the different RAID. Here we will go through the disk failure in the SAN Storage which is configure in RAID5. In RAID 5 we need atleast 3 disk in RAID5. The benefit of this RAID is that we need not to copy data in case of disk failure , it is a simple process to plug out the failed disk from storage and plug in the new disk in the storage and the automatic levelling will start. To identify the disk failure in the storage follow the below steps:

1) Login to the storage.

2) Click on Storage Network will show an alert on Hardware as shown in image below.

3) The failed disk will be shown in the ungrouped  disk as shown in figure:

As the disk is in RAID 5 so log a case with the support team for the disk replacement and once the disk is replaced.

4) Go to the disk group and click on Add disk from ungrouped disk.

5) Once the disk is added in disk group it will start the coping data.Let it be complete and all done.


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