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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Restore the server from image level backup

Restore data from Image backup

Sometimes we may also need to restore the image backup of the server if something goes wrong or system is crashwd sometimes. We have already discussed how to take the image level backup of a linux server, now we will see how to restore that backup if required. The while process will remain same from image mounting and resetting the server to boot from server but in that the only difference is that on stead of backup in last step we have to restore the backup at desire location from external hard disk.  Please follow the below steps to restore the image backup.

Go to option B and give the file name for the image level restore 

Go to option D Select the .gzip compression and press enter

Go to option A and select the external drive name from the drive options

Go to option P to choose and select the sub directory path in external disk(optional)

Go to option F (restore) and select the physical disk name of your server.  Press enter will ask for the confirmation then press enter again and your image level restore is start

Because it will restore the data block wise so it is a long activity..Once the restore is completed reset the server again but unmount the image from virtual devices.


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