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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Show all report in HP Enclosure

Sharing Show all report of HP Blade server's Enclosure

The HP c-Class Enclosure is the current leader in rack-mounted infrastructure. It can accommodate C-Class Server Blades,Storage Blades, Interconnects. It is also installed with 10 hot plug redundant fans and 6 Power supplies. The 8 interconnect bays can support Ethernet, Fibre channel, iSCSI and SAS modules. The c7000 enclosure is of 10U height and available in 3 models, single-phase AC, three-phase AC and -48V DC to meet the needs of data center.

During the case logging with the support team when we are facing some kind of issue with the server , the support team may ask to share the show all report of the Enclosure. The show all report is nothing but the total health check-up of all server implemented in the enclosure. On the basis of this show all report the support team find out the RCA of the issue and revert with the best possible solution for the issue. To generate a show all report we need to follow some simple steps:

1) Login to the ILO of the enclosure.

2) Go to the enclosure settings.

3) Click on Configuration script.

4) On the right hand side of the page a link of show all will display.

5) click on that show all link and it will open another page, wait till the page get load.

6) Save this file and share with the support team.

This is done with the show all report.


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