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Monday, 4 July 2016

Linux Host Key Authentication Failed

RSA authentication issues of the Linux server

Issue 1 : RSA key Authentication Failed

Issue : sometimes the customer or the application team may get an error of RSA authentication 
failed. This issue occurs only when the IP used by the customer or the application team is not available in the known host key file of the server.In this case we only need to change the known host key file with a new name at the same location . The error looks like as shown in figure:

Solution : We only need to go to the .ssh directory of the user and need to rename the known host file

# cd /home/username/.ssh



# mv known_hosts knon_hosts_new

this knon_hosts_new file is the renamed file

# ls
known_hosts knon_hosts_new

After that ask the application team or the customer to check login , hope this will be done.


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