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Monday, 18 July 2016

Mutt Command in Linux

Mutt Command in Linux

Mutt or Mail command work as same in the Linux Operating system. Mutt is used for sending the mails from a Linux server to any SMTP enabled network IP. This is nothing but a simple mail sending method in the Linux. Using mutt we can enter text or also we can add the files required to send , a Cc option is also available in mutt. 

Some other important features of Mutt is as follows:
Its very Easy to install and configure.
Allows us to send emails with attachments from the command line.
It also has the features to add BCC (Blind carbon copy) and CC (Carbon copy) while sending mails.
It allows message threading.
It provides us the facility of mailing lists.
It also support so many mailbox formats like maildir, mbox, MH and MMDF.
Supports at least 20 languages.
It also support DSN (Delivery Status Notification).
Only one thing need to be done while sending the mails using mutt is that the SMTP port should be enable for the server if the port is not enable we may get a queued state of the mail sent and the receiver will not get any mail. To check the logs of mutt use 

# cat /var/log/maillog

A simple Mutt syntax is :

# mutt -s "testmail"

after pressing enter it will ask for the subject and then will open the vi editor where we can type the message we want to send and then by pressing y it will show sending and the mail will be sent.

To check for the SMTP port on the server use the command

# telnet SMTPip 25 

if it show trying to connect that means there is some issue with the Firewall setting of the server and the port is not enable.Where is SMTP ip.

If the port is enable it will enter the gateway anf you can send the mails using mutt.


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