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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Red hat Cluster node showing failed status

Red hat Cluster node showing failed status 

RHEL cluster is a software used for the highly availability in case of system crash of any other failure which may cause the server down. A cluster node can have 17 nodes configured in it. These nodes communicate with each other know as heart beat of the nodes. The heart beat between these systems make aware to all the nodes about the status of the other nodes in cluster. All nodes have the information of the service and resource group of other nodes. If the heart beat of any node is stopped the services will failover to another node so that there should not be any outage and there should not be any impact on the application. In RHEL to check the status of the cluster nodes use the command 

# clustat  -- it will show which service is up on which node. The main benefit of the cluster is that logging to one cluster node we can check and failover the services of the other node. It will show the status as started.

But in some case the cluster may show a failed status on the same node and will not failover to another node , that means it will impact the application. A simple solution to start this failed service is :

# clustat -- first check the cluster status

at the failed node run the below command

# clustat -d service name

# clustat 

If you will check now then the node will show disabling as the status of the service. when the command will execute completely then the status will be disabled.

Then use the below command to enable it

# clustat -e service name

# clustat

Then you will see the status as enabling.

Once the command is executed the status will be shown as started.

The issue is resolved.


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