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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

SAN Storage LUN Creation for Host

How to assign LUN to a Host from SAN Storage

During the upgrade in any of the Linux server which is in a cluster node we need to remove the LUN assigned to the server from storage otherwise the cluster may crash at some point. First we need to remove the node from cluster and then remove the LUN assigned to server from the storage. It may be if we want to assign more space of the storage to a server as a mount point. It is a risky task to need to be very careful  while doing this task because if we remove any other storage LUN then it may cause a application down. The procedure to assign storage LUN to a server as follows:

1. Login  to storage

#Go to virtual disks

#click on create vdisks

#enter name of vdisk
#enter size
#wirte comment
#click on create vdisks

this will show disk in list then

# goto that hosts

#click on presentation

#click on present

#select that disk

#click on confirm selection

#save changes

Now login to the server from putty and check for the storage LUN using df -h .


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