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Friday, 12 August 2016

How to Restore a Backup in Data Protector

How to Restore a Backup in Data Protector

Data Protector is a tool designed by HP to take the backups of the large file systems in Data Center or other file system for the future safety in case of any crash of the system. Very useful tool for the backup and also very easy to use, its GUI explain all the terms configured in the tool. The main work of the tool is to take the backup of the servers on tapes in the tape library and if sometimes we need to restore the data of any server we restore the data by this tool. As we have already discussed how to take backup in previous topic. In this post we will explain how to restore the backup of any server using Data Protector.

How to restore the backup in Data Protector.

1. Login to the DP. Go to Restore as shown in fig :

2. Go to the file system or oracle as per the need of backup need to be restore and click on that.

3. From the source select the mount points you want to restore.

4. The next option  is to select the destination to restore. You can restore the backup at any other location. For this click on Browse option and set the destination.

5. This is almost done and if you want you can set the restore at a perticular drive also . For this set the device on the same window.

6. At last click on the Finish and its done. Check at the destination which you have set if the backup is restored or not.


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